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Barrero y Domínguez

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Quality, Environment and Safety

At Barrero and Dominguez S.L, management and employees share the commitment to quality production and service, fully understanding the commitment that it has with the clients and establishes quality management procedures as a high-priority objective within the company’s general policy. This is accompanied by a decided and continuous effort to improve the safety conditions of the personnel and a respect for the environment.

The company received the UNE-EN-ISO-9001/00 certification of quality in 2003. Compliance with the ISO-9001 standard indicates that the company uses a Quality Management System to carry out its activities. The system involves not only the Quality Department but also the company's General Management and the Purchasing, Logistics, Production, Maintenance, Sales and Human Resources departments.

Barrero and Dominguez, S.L considers it is equally necessary to contemplate environmental management and the prevention of risks in the workplace as inseparable aspects of quality management. This conviction has led to implementing its own integrated system of quality and environmental and safety management, by running periodic internal audits.

Barrero and Dominguez, S.L, whose main objective is to offer Integral Quality to the client and the society in general, commits on the production of environmentally friendly engineering projects, at the same time we run a control system to reduce the incidence of the materials used and the waste generated in the course of their daily activity.

Barrero y Domínguez, S.L
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