Barrero y Domínguez, S.L
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Barrero y Domínguez

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Barrero and Dominguez, S.L, is located in the north coast of Spain, in a town called El Astillero - Cantabria. It is only 10 away from Santander where we find the main port and airport.

The company occupies a total surface area of 6,400 m2 of which, 3,500 m 2 are devoted to the factory itself and the rest of the area is parking space and warehouse.

The factory consists of four structures equipped with eight 12 tonne cranes. The work areas are perfectly identified and defined.

Barrero and Dominguez, S.L has all the equipment and machinery necessary to undertake any industrial projects of any size with the best reliability and precision. The union of experience and innovation bring along comfort and security in all the processes, expanding the possibilities with no limit.

At the factory we have different machinery unit: shears, bending and straightening machines, press-brakes, oxygen flame-cutting tables for steel and aluminium. In the machining area we find drills, milling machines, lathes, hacksaws. In the welding area we have an "Esab" submerged arc column, welding robots, TIG and semiautomatic equipment; and as for the work with pressure pipes we have several Electric threading machines and electrical and hydraulic bending equipment.

The Company has a fleet of vehicles conformed by four crane trucks and five vans of different sizes.

Barrero y Domínguez, S.L
Ría de Solía, 7
39610 Astillero
SPAIN Barrero y Domínguez Tel: +34 942 542 274 — Fax: +34 942 542 482