Barrero y Domínguez, S.L
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Barrero y Domínguez

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Products and services

Barrero y Dominguez, S.L works constantly developing projects and solutions in order to offer a global solution to our clients. The structure of the company allows us to tackle industrial projects of any size with multidisciplinary work teams whose main goal is to achieve the best technological solution, strongly committed to innovation and quality.

Our Technical Office studies very carefully and individually each project given to them, it selects the right equipment and materials, supervising at all times the construction and installation according to quality norms, testing the final work and, at times, writing the maintenance and operations manual.

The Technical Office together with the Quality Department works very closely with our clients during the whole project. Both departments are equipped with the latest generation in quality and control tools. All this modern equipment is necessary in order to undertake with the highest quality guarantees all our production lines and any request to design and develop a project.

We usually work with materials such us: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, etc., also, we apply different treatments: painted, galvanized, shotblasting...

Our experience allows us to offer the best relation quality - price.

Barrero y Domínguez, S.L
Ría de Solía, 7
39610 Astillero
SPAIN Barrero y Domínguez Tel: +34 942 542 274 — Fax: +34 942 542 482